to my teacher

Dear Dr. Irvin D. Yalom,

This is Azadeh. I am writing from a country in Middle East. I have read some of your books and I really liked them. Although we have difference kind of cultural, ethnic, gender and religion but I feel so close to you. I am a Muslim girl who was born in Iran. Maybe it is hard to reach you due to different religion or our political hostility, but I have a strong feeling about your writing, your human spirit, your passion of teaching and ALSO just for “YOU”.

I have heard about a story that somebody asked from a great man what the best religion is.  He answered “every religion that makes you a greater man, more loving and more sensitive.” So you chose to be a “No Religion” man but you do exactly in this opinion.

I have finished my study in mathematics in BA, and then I have changed my major to counseling in MA.  I hope to get my PhD degree in psychology, because it has been always interesting for me to know about human and their feeling and behavior. Hopefully, there are great teachers like you who teach me in this PATH. I really liked to be your student, though it has already happened because of reading of your books but I hope someday see you in person and learn more from yourself. 

  My dear teacher, I wish you long life, mental and physical Health.

Kind Regards,

Your ever student,


Thank much for that very lovely letter.

So glad my work has been meaningful to you.

Irv Yalom

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hi dear azade i m very glad of having such a sensitive and wise friend. i hope u get phD degree and be happy every time


Wooow ! I know you will give your P.H.D very soon !

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It was surprising ... Especially for your effective description